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Dive into Adventure: Aquapark School Sessions at North Devon Wake Park

At North Devon Wake Park, we’re passionate about fostering a love for watersports among young people. Our aquapark school sessions offer an exhilarating introduction to outdoor adventure, combining fun, teamwork, and the thrill of navigating inflatable obstacles on our picturesque lake. It’s more than just a school outing—it’s an opportunity for students to embrace the great outdoors, build confidence, and create lasting memories.

Why Choose Aquapark School Sessions?

Fun-Filled Learning Experience

Our aquapark school sessions are designed to provide a unique blend of fun and learning. Students have the chance to explore our inflatable aquapark, conquer obstacles, and splash into the water with their classmates. It’s an active, engaging experience that encourages physical activity and teamwork in a safe and controlled environment.

Introduction to Watersports

For many students, our aquapark sessions serve as an exciting introduction to watersports. From balancing on obstacles to navigating challenges, students develop coordination, balance, and water confidence under the guidance of our trained instructors. It’s a chance to try something new and discover the joy of being active outdoors.

Safety and Supervision

Safety is our top priority. We provide comprehensive safety briefings, life jackets, and supervision throughout the session to ensure a secure environment for all participants. Our instructors are experienced in working with young people, creating a supportive atmosphere where students can learn and thrive.

The North Devon Wake Park Difference

Located amidst the stunning landscapes of Devon, North Devon Wake Park offers a scenic backdrop for school outings. Our commitment to providing quality experiences and promoting outdoor education sets us apart as a premier destination for aquapark school sessions in the South West.

Join Us for an Aquapark Adventure!

We love hosting schools at North Devon Wake Park and introducing young people to the excitement of aquapark adventures. Whether you’re planning a school trip, a reward day, or an outdoor activity session, our aquapark school sessions are designed to inspire and energize students.

Book Your Aquapark School Session Today!

Ready to plan an unforgettable school outing? Contact us today to learn more about our aquapark school sessions and to book your visit. Visit our website at or call us at 01237 751517 to speak with our friendly team and start planning your aquapark adventure at North Devon Wake Park.

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