We offer two different forms of wakeboarding. We have 2 straight line cables which are perfect for first time wakeboarders and anyone wanting a 1-2-1 lesson on a private lake. The straight line cables are the most effective way to learn to get up and wakeboarding. We also have a full size cable on our main lake. This is amazing fun for groups or people who want lots of water time. We run introduction sessions on here each day from 10:30-12:30 and 2:30-4:30 where the cable runs slower. Outside of these times we run the cable at faster speed and is a more advanced session.  These are amazing for people to get lots of water time and in groups.


Cable wakeboarding is similar to skateboarding and snowboarding, but on water where an overhead cable pulls you along. Every wakeboard session comes with professional coaching from some of the UK's best Wakeboarders. All of our coaches are BWSW accredited and licensed and there to provide you with the highest level of coaching and help.


Full Size Cable

We have just installed the countries newest 5 tower cable to our site to further enhance the wakeboard experience.


For first timers we recommend that you start off on a kneeboard to get used to the pull of the cable and the corners. Then move to wakeboarding once you have had a couple of runs


We pride ourselves in trying to accommodate everyone and want to provide the best experience possible. This is why we do introductory session or slow speed sessions everyday (minimum age for slow speed is 10 and 12 for standard speed). You can get a 4 hour pass, this can be upgraded from a 2 hour pass on the day if there is space.


Slow speed/beginer sessions run on here each day between 10:30-12:30 and 2:30-4:30




We have 2 straight line cables to learn and progress your wakeboarding with 1-2-1 coaching. These are situated in their own private lakes for the most perfect conditions to learn. With a more advanced one with 4 features to learn kicker and rail tricks on and the other perfect to get you up and going or to learn your first air tricks.


Straight line cables are the best and quickest way to learn to wakeboard and with our coaching we aim to get you up to the highest level we can on them. All of these sessions come with 1-2-1 tuition with all wakeboard kit included.


Club Sessions


Every week we run club sessions for people to get into the sport at a reduced price and meet other like minded people loving wakeboarding as well.


- Ladies morning -

Each Sunday from 10-11:30 we run ladies morning taken by our very own female coach (Millie). Going on the full size cable, we take people for their very first time to experienced riders. Running at a slower speed to make it comfortable for everyone. The perfect social sport with tea and cake provided after. Just £20 per session


- Kids club -

Every Saturday from 10-11:30 we run kids club and again the perfect way for kids to make friends and wakeboard and push each other.  Again this session is run slowly to help gain confidence and enable the kids to progress as much as possible. This is just £20 per session



We are a BWSW accredited cable wakeboard park

We pride ourselves on having experienced and fully qualified coaches ready to teach and perfect your riding

All of our coaches wakeboard or wakeskate to a very high level and therefore able to assist everyone who comes to us

We now offer private coaching on the full cable with doubles coaching for just £20 an hour with one of our coaches