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Wakeboarding with us


Experience the thrill of wakeboarding at North Devon Wake Park with our state-of-the-art facilities, featuring two dynamic straight-line cables and our latest addition, the WakeparX full-size cable. Perfect for both kneeboarding and enhancing your wakeboarding skills, our group sessions cater to all levels of experience. Browse below for detailed pricing and session timings. If you need guidance on selecting the most suitable session for you, don't hesitate to reach out to us at 01237751517. Our team is always ready to assist you in crafting your ideal wakeboarding adventure.

first timers

Welcome to the Ideal Start in Wakeboarding

At North Devon Wake Park, we specialize in turning beginners into confident wakeboarders. Our two distinct straight-line cables, set across our serene top and bottom lakes, create the perfect environment for learning and progression. For those just starting, we offer one-on-one coaching on a private lake, designed with optimal conditions for beginners. The bottom lake presents a more advanced setup with four features, ideal for learning kicker and rail tricks. Meanwhile, the top lake is tailored for mastering basics, like your first successful stand-up on the board or attempting initial air tricks.

Straight-line cables are recognized as the most efficient and effective way to learn wakeboarding. Our dedicated coaching approach focuses on elevating your skills to the highest level possible. These sessions include personalized 1-2-1 tuition and come with all necessary wakeboarding equipment. Enthusiasts from age 6 and above are welcome to start their wakeboarding journey with us, where every session is a step towards mastering this exhilarating sport.

Full size cable

Full-Size Cable

We have just installed the country's newest 5-tower cable to our site to enhance the wakeboard experience further.


For first-timers, we recommend starting on a kneeboard to get used to the pull of the cable and the corners. Then move to wakeboard once you have had a couple of runs.


We pride ourselves in trying to accommodate everyone and want to provide the best experience possible. This is why we do introductory or slow speed sessions every day (the minimum age for slow speed is 10 and 12 for standard speed).


Slow speed/beginner sessions run on here each day between 10:30-12:30 and 2:30-4:30


Full-Size Cable Wakeboard Rules:

  1. Ticket and Wristband: All riders must possess a valid ticket and wristband, with terms and conditions agreed upon.

  2. Obstacle Usage: Obstacles can only be used with explicit permission from an instructor.

  3. Pool Gap Usage: The pool gap is open only during standard speed sessions (30km/h). Do not enter when the traffic light is red.

  4. Age Restrictions: Minimum age is 10 for slow speed sessions, 12 for standard speed sessions. Exceptions may apply for experienced younger riders, subject to instructor approval.

  5. Double Riding: To ride doubles, obtain permission from the operator. This may be denied during busy times. Both riders must be skilled and capable of a 360 on an obstacle. If one rider falls, the other must release before the white buoys.

  6. Exiting the Cable: To finish, release the rope before reaching the white buoys near the kickers. Avoid approaching the start dock.

  7. After Falling: Swim to shore immediately. Do not swim behind obstacles.

  8. Conduct: Foul language is strictly prohibited around children and families.

  9. Safety First: If there's a risk of collision, release the rope well in advance.

Please adhere to these guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Club Sessions


Every week we run club sessions for people to get into the sport at a reduced price and meet other like-minded people loving wakeboarding as well.


- Ladies' morning -

Each Sunday from 10-11:30, we run ladies' morning, taken by one of our female coaches. Going on the full-size cable, we take people for their first time to experienced riders. We are running at a slower speed to make it comfortable for everyone. The perfect social sport where tea and cake are provided after. Just £20 per session


- Kids Club -

Every Saturday from 10-11:30, we run a kids club which, again the perfect way for kids to make friends and wakeboard and push each other. Again this session is run slowly to help gain confidence and enable the kids to progress as much as possible. This is just £20 per session



We are a BWSW-accredited cable wakeboard park

We pride ourselves on having experienced and fully qualified coaches ready to teach and perfect your riding.

All of our coaches wakeboard or wakeskate to a very high level and therefore, are able to assist everyone who comes to us

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