An overhead cable pulls you along with the help of a handle.

Cable wakeboarding is similar to skateboarding and snowboarding, but on water.

Every wakeboard session comes with professional coaching from some of the UK's best Wakeboarders and this years UK pro tour champion Alfie Constable

All of our coaches are BWSW accredited and licensed to provide the highest level of coaching

We use the Sesitec system 2.0 cables to pull you along. This is the most innovative way to wakeboard seeing the quickest progression out of all the types, with the highest success rate of standing up.


To book a Wakeboard session you need to phone 0796009047

Wakeboard Prices

This session consists of 15 minutes riding time on the water, fully instructed by our staff. You will need, however, to allow more time than your booked session to allow for warm-up, safety briefing, and instruction if it's your first time at our park. Whatever your level, the session will be tailored to your needs.

Single session


£18 per session for under 18's

£22 per session for adults


Learn to Board


Consists of 2 sessions to learn the basics of wakeboarding

£32 for under 18's

£40 for adults


Day Passes


For those who have travelled and made a special trip, or if you just want to hang out for the day.

This consists of 3 sessions

£40 for under 18's

£50 for adults

additional sets are £10


Bulk buy


For the holidaymaker, or more frequent rider, we offer a discounted set of rides if you buy packages upfront.


5 Rides:   Child £75 / Adult £90


10 Rides:   Child £120 / Adult £160


25 Rides:   Child £250 / Adult £325


Annual membership


For those who are totally hooked!

Up to 4 wakeboard sessions per week.

2 of which can be taken on a weekend.

From Easter to November.

Included in price are wakeboard, helmet, and bouyancy aid.


Child.   £550


Adult   £725


Extra Sessions £10 each.


Get into Wakeboarding

starting after the Easter holidays we are starting a 6 week course for beginner wakeboard who want to get into the sport.

We try and fit these sessions around you on weekdays when you can and they run over the course of 6 weeks for £60 (Bargain)!!

The spaces for this are limited so make sure you phone to book on!!!!!!!


Kids Club

Mondays and Tuesdays, we will e running the BWSW Cutting Edge program for kids after school where they get 2 x 10 minute sessions to meet other like minded people. This will be £60 for 6 weeks.



Jam Sessions

For those of you who have been keen for the winter to finish and the wakeboarding to start, we are starting our jam night sessions on Friday (6th of April). There are going to run from 6 - 8:30pm for £25 (£15 for members) with a burger and a chill after. These sessions are great for meeting other riders and people to push your boarding.


Everyone must be obstacle standard and we limit each dock to 6 people so PHONE to book


We are a BWSW accredited cable wakeboard park

We pride ourselves on having experienced and fully qualified coaches ready to teach and perfect your riding

All of our coaches wakeboard or wakeskate to a very high level and therefore able to assist everyone who comes to us


2017 UK Pro Tour 2nd

Wakeboard Coach


2017 UK Pro Tour WINNER

Wakeboard Coach


2017 UK Pro Tour competitor

Wakeboard Coach


Wakeboard Coach


Wakeboard Coach


2 X National Champion Wakeskate Coach

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