North Devon WakePark has a variety of outdoor activities for all ages. These can be done individually or you can make the most of the activities and spend the whole day at our stunning lake. We offer packages to partake in 3 or 4 of our activities from just £30 per person.

You can book the AQUAPARK and PADDLEBOARDING online but please phone to book other activities



Race, slide, and chase each other around our course, trying to beat everyone around without falling into the water. Have a go at trying to beat our lifeguard's times around. For 202 we are extending the aquapark with new additions to increase the fun


Our Aquapark is an outdoor water based activity on our lake, making it a unique adventure for all of the family with our minimum age being 5 to partake.



An overhead cable pulls you along with the help of a handle. Cable wakeboarding is similar to skateboarding, snowboarding and other board sports, but on water. Every wakeboard session comes with professional coaching from some of the UK's best Wakeboarders. All of which are BWSW accredited and licensed to provide the highest level of coaching. We use the Sesitec system 2.0 cables to pull you along. This is the most innovative way to wakeboard seeing the quickest progression out of all the types, with the highest success rate of standing up.


Brand new for 2020 we're adding a WakeparX full size cable to further progress and increase everyones

riding and experiences.




Ringo rides are great fun for those who like speed!

Ringo rides are not only fun on their own, but as the finale for a party, both for children and adults alike!

This can be as exhilarating as when going behind the boat or a lot tamer for the ones who want.

A ringo session is £20 per session and each session is 15 minutes long.




We also have a state of the art beach volleyball court located to the side of the lake with stunning views which is amazing for groups. We have balls to borrow, this area can also be used to play other games in the sand to make a full day at the lake and the most of the stunning surroundings. We do have a GB beach volleyball player available to coach sessions for groups. This does need to be pre-booked as she is not always on site

School Activity Days


We offer fun and challenging days out for school groups and sports teams of all ages, from 6 upwards. We can take up to 50 kids a day with activities going on throughout the day. We can tailor each day to suit your groups need and requirements. The activities we offer are:


  • Aquapark
  • Wakeboarding
  • Paddleboarding
  • Ringo Rides
  • Volleyball

To find out more and to book your activity day please phone or call us and we can help arrange these for you



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